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Originally Posted by HT77 View Post
That she was admitted to any law school is amazing but that she was awarded a degree from one of the best ones in the country is stunning. It is actually embarrassing.
It is from Wahoo Land, UVa law.

I dealt with numerous highly educated people over the years.
BY the time a met them you can be sure I knew plenty of details about their professional life and credentials.
I had access to my bosses Admin Assistant to find this stuff out for me (and him).
Sometimes we wood look at each other after they had spoken and raise our eyebrows in surprise about how ignorant they showed themselves to be.

Credentials are just a starting point.
It is what you do with them, and if you learned what you DO NOT KNOW that matters in the real world.

I surrounded myself with a team of people I could rely on for the things I was not 'expert' at.
Like receiver and LC filter design.
I taught them how to use PC boards traces to make LC filters at even higher frequencies than lumped actual components.
I also did their synthesizer designs using high speed digital.
They did the steps using mixers and filters. I then learned many of their tricks, but stil used Tom G. for the required filter designs.
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