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Originally Posted by NonHyphenAmerican View Post
My Mom, who spent 22 years doing Civil Service Work, often on Highly Classified Projects always taught us kids that we were never to write or type something we didn't want read, say something we didn't want heard, or do something we didn't want viewed.

It's a good rule to remember when commenting online, regardless of the thread.

As for Hogg? He's a Ctrl-Left Hopolophobic Dumb Mass.

This is nothing new for him and unless he gets his cranial-rectal inversion cured, he'll continue to spout crud like this.

It's up to the rest of us to educate as many people as we can about the true facts of ALL Constitutional Rights, including 2nd Amendment Rights.

Do so with Verifiable Information that can be independently verified by at least three separate sources.

Educate the Ctrl-Left Dumb Masses of their ignorance.
Absolutely - good advice (we were taught likewise).

Originally Posted by USMM guy View Post
Merely a stain in the toilet bowl at this point.
Perhaps a little Pine-sol applied judiciously would help too!
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