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Originally Posted by earlwb View Post
No surprise, on TV no less, they have actually talked about abolishing the Constitution, abolishing the Bill of rights, and eliminating Due Process too. I remember Obama discussing on TV how Due Process gets in their way of ruling the country. Nadler recently discussed on TV how they want to not let the voters decide anything as the voters cannot be trusted to vote their way. So if they ever get into full power, you know what will happen then. They want to turn the US into another communist cesspool of a country.
Speaking of the voters....a slight drift off topic to ask this of the Virginia GOP and those Virginia voters who don't have a dog in the 2A fight.

Between now and November.......
***get off your butts and do a door-to door canvas to get voters to vote Republican.
***assist in any way you can to shine a spotlight on any attempts by the Dims to play games with illegal voting and stuffing the ballot box with same.

You gotta wake up, Virginia. You got no excuse this time for not lighting the place up to protect your future, and the future of your kids. And you can start planning for that NOW.
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