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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
Yes, it's not carry sized and it uses the stroker system of operation plus a very heavy front assembly. It's more effective than the Wilson version but not as durable or insensitive to maintenance but they will make a double stack full race version on request but if you want that route ask for the EGW 7 port comp instead since it works better than a single.

Different goals in each gun really, the carry comp system is for maximum possible performance in a gun you can tear round carry and the firehawk is a range gun
The NH is an interesting gun, something I'd like to enjoy...I can't tell from their sight if the barrel length speced at 5" includes the compensator in that 5"...The gun looks shorter than my 5" WC-Custom comp, but that may just be an internet optical illusion.

I would think the better WC comparison of this NH might be what the WC custom shop build for me, a 5" gun with the Comped Hunter barrel (it is in addition to the 5"es)...If my assumption is correct, I'd go with WC if for no other reason just to grab the Xtac f/r-strap treatment, but I am also guessing WC has a richer set of option than NH (just guessing as I don't own the latter)...There is also company diversification to consider, already owning 5 WCs, not a bad idea to go with another company. But that can burn both ways, my Conan 357 no longer has a warranty now that Conan went out of business.

Is there anything else that NH gives one that a 5" WC custom-comp doesn't?
It's 5" overall, there is one in my LGS I can take detailed pictures of if you would like. NHC unlike Wilson will do whatever you want and use whoever's parts you want for crazy one off stuff. They in my personal opinion are more nicely (if a little inconsistent gun to gun) finished and are tighter guns (not always a good thing) and the ability to have them make you ANYTHING comes into play sometimes.

The firehawk will have less recoil than your 5" comped gun due to more static mass and very long stroke and very effective springs and a good comp. It's very impressive and I was tempted at first to order a DS 9mm with optics to replace my Brown but the reliability differential held me back.
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