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Originally Posted by Dddrees View Post
You may only have one but how about the crowd you guys happen to travel in. What has been your experience if any with those around you that have STI's? What has their experiences been like?
STI's are very big in the competition market at all levels...When I was running my WC TE in Limit Division with a 10r mag stick in it, almost everyone else in the division where running STI's. There is a lot of bang for the performance buck. But they also have their carry model's etc. To answer your question, it seems that most STI owners are very happy with them (very limited anecdotal data from those I met at matches and my observation's from the STI-folder). Not sure what % of them have a WC to compare them too though. I can only draw conclusion's based on my personal experience with caveats noted (ie, only a sample of 1 STI vs 5 WC's), and that conclusion is: STI's are built like race-car's, WC 1911's like Humvee's (meaning very-hardy), kinda ;-).
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