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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
Related to the above, I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again, I'd like to see some model's from WC which are "sportier". Here is what I mean about that, my STI CC out-shoots my WC CC by a little. Plus the STI has higher capacity. But similar to your view on "less likely to stop working", I just don't feel my STI is built on par with the WC as far as ruggedness (granted only a sample of 1 STI in my part vs 5 WC's). So what I would really get excited about, would be intrinsic WC ruggedness with STI-type shooting enhancements, like a speed-shoot magwell (or whatever it is called), high-cap-45, barrel-mounted island FS, and yes, even a poly grip (which absorbs recoil), and whatever other innovation's WC might add. This would be true differentiation to what WC offer's now...All these trim enhancements in the latest WC offerings are nice, but meh, not enough to go out and buy a new gun when my WC 45'a are already running 110%. I have the Xtac grip on one of them, if I could magically get it on the other 4 WC, I would, but short of that, not much I am getting excited about with this or even less so, the last "lower-budget" offering from last month.

Outside the X9 and its version in this offering, I am not sure how this offering expands their brand much vs the offerings they already have now. But, of course I wish them well and hope they make many incremental sales, I have 5 WC Lifetime warranties I've invested in :-).
You may only have one but how about the crowd you guys happen to travel in. What has been your experience if any with those around you that have STI's? What has their experiences been like?
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