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Competitive Action Pistol shooting.....

When I shoot either IDPA or USPSA matches, more individuals in my area are moving towards shooting 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbines.....some of these shooters use short barrels with suppressors, and 30 round mags.....There are many advantages to using these firearm that are not OK for pistol shooters in IDPA:

1) they are not concealed, and are already mounted to their shoulder and the muzzle pointing downward at a 45 degree angle to the ground..... this starting position will save at least one to two seconds to fire the shot, since they don't have to draw from concealment...…

2) the use of a suppressor will greatly reduce the noise, and at more than one match, we have had to have a reshoot when the SO did not record the last shot fired since he was not standing close enough for the noise to show the last shot. Using a suppressor will also slightly reduce muzzle jump....

3) 30+ round mags will save from having to make a reload....another 2-3 seconds saved during the run when their are 18 required shots.....

4) Using a shouldered Short Barrel Rifle (in 9mm) is much easier to shoot, and when using optics, is a significant advantage for accurate shot placement.

Many of the current shooters using Pistol Caliber Carbines are now placing High Overall and most finish in the top ten at the matches I attend.....which is no wonder that more shooters are buying pistol caliber carbines to show how good they can shoot!!!

I am probably going to quit shooting IDPA. The sport was originally conceived and designed for shooting pistols from concealment, not short barreled rifles that are not concealed.....the PCC users are shooting a rifle against a pistol, and do very well!

IMHO, a person that shoots a Pistol Caliber Carbine should not be included in the competitive scoring with pistol shooters.....A PCC shooter should be ranked against all PCC shooters, since they all share many competitive advantages over pistols......and ranked for all PCC shooters separately....and certainly not included in the High Overall ranking against pistol shooters.....

I know Joyce and Bill Wilson earn more money when more people attend and shoot IDPA matches, but guidelines need to be drawn up so PCC shooters are ranked against other PCC shooters, and not against Pistol shooters..... I do not know of any PCC shooters that carry their weapon concealed.....it is just not practical...... I want to compete against pistol shooters....and not rifle shooters at a pistol match when looking at the overall match results!!! Good bye IDPA.....!!!

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