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Originally Posted by Daveboone View Post
FYI to who might be interested. Last I knew, EMT/Paramedic training was only available if you were a member of an emergency service, at least that is what was required in NY. You could be a member of a volunteer fire dept/ambulance corp or such and they will sponsor the training. Even though you would get a fair bit out of it, a large amount of the training goes to waste if you cant apply it.
That’s very odd, and certainly not the norm. EMT is taught at junior colleges across the country, for anyone who wants to take it. It’s a one semester class, and at least locally, it’s 8.5 units (180 hours). It requires a boatload of immunizations (over $800 dollars worth), so try to get your insurance to cover it. The immunizations are required to complete the mandatory ambulance and ER ride-a-long portions of the course. Once you pass the class, you then have to take the National Registry test, which is quite challenging compared to the test most states/ counties offer for recertification.

I highly recommend EMT to anyone interested in preparedness. You’ll use it far more often in life than you ever will use your combat/ shooting skills. And since it’s at the BLS level, you don’t have to operate under anyone’s license. Paramedic school is incredibly expensive, lasts two years on average, and is overkill on a phenomenal level for the layperson. It has the added negative of being ALS, which means if you use your skills off-duty or on your own, you will get sued to high heaven (and lose every time). Because ALS can only operate under a physicians license, either through protocols or standing orders/ base contact, while on duty.

I’ve gone through both, and to be blunt, going to paramedic school if you didn’t plan on working in the field would be silly. EMT school, on the other hand, I can’t recommend highly enough, for anyone remotely interested in it.
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