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Stuck reverse recoil plug.....

If you ever need to remove a stuck recoil plug, I would use a good spray lubricant inside the dust cover at the muzzle end, let it sit for a minute with the slide in the vertical position, then use an empty brass .45acp case inserted at the muzzle end to start tapping out the recoil plug, and even another can be added if needed to drive out the reverse recoil plug......

I have never seen a 1911 slide crack the length of the dust cover.....it may have been a fault/flaw in the steel, coupled with a heavy pound weight recoil spring.....if a recoil spring is heavier than necessary, or too long, once it stacks to "coil bind" it may act like a ram rod pushing the head of a FLGR into the dust cover.....

The main areas where I have seen cracked 1911 slides is below and near the front edge of the ejection port down and through the rail groove inside the slide.....

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