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Im in the equatorial tropics, we prep here yearly for cyclones, hurricanes as you call them. Had three hit in the last 13 years. Temps here in summer 100+. Not that I usuallly need it but I usually like to have about 3 weeks of food additional to whats in the house, and its kept in a plastic pelican style cube case about 18" sides. We choose low water weight and high concentrate foods. That we if we need to bug out we aren't carrying an extra couple hundred lbs of water in the food.Same principles expeditioners go off, keeping water and food stuffs separate. High bulk, compact, more temperature resistant once opened.On expeditions people figure on about 2lbs high energy food a day. I figure for two rather more sedate people 3-3.5lbs per day for 21 days is fine. It wont be exciting eating, but it will keep you alive and moving. Our box is about 70lbs, rather heavy but we can manouvere it where we need it or into the vehicle. You could as easily store a box a bit wider and shorter under a bed or anywhere.


various dry Pasta, multi-year shelf life
White rice, multi-year shelf life. Brown goes rancid quicker. I was changing out white rice every two years as per some advice I got. But then a buddy opened up some 10 year stocks of rice and we cooked it up and it was fine! Fluke? not sure.

Flour, not sure on the shelf life, I usually cycle it back into use after a year and get new stuff.

Bulk Chocolate and bodybuilding energy bars, I think best by date I aim for about 12-18 months in the future.

Dried chickpeas, lentils and other such grains. Multi-year shelf life

Tortillas, this will depend what part of the world you are in,. I get ones that will last at least 6 months in the packet

Peanut butter, actually a favored expedition food, its one of the highest energy foods in existence.

Sugar, salt, spices, honey, multi-year to indefinite shelf life

Powdered milk, I usually cycle through it after a year, maybe it will last longer.

Jerky, will only last months here, I cycle through it 6 monthly or so.

Its all a lot cheaper than emergency rations and you don't feel bad cycling it into use or throwing it out. You can stock up on this at the local supermarket pretty easily.

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