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Sharpening a saw is no different than sharpening a knife. Learn how to do it by hand without the non-essential doodads, and you'll always have that skill. It's far from hard. A high-quality proper size round file, file handle, and a pair of gloves (or can of Band-Aids), and you are set. Pay attention to maintain the factory angle, count your strokes, same number on each tooth. Don't drag the file backwards, lift it and make the next forward pass. Tap the end of it on the bench briskly every so often. Replace it when it's worn out. After you've sharpened a chain multiple times, look at it closely. Are the teeth on the right longer than the ones on the left (or vice-versa)? Pretty easy to let happen, it's easier to bear down on one side, and the teeth get shorter. Pay more attention in the future, maintain the same pressure on each side. The saw won't cut straight if the teeth aren't the same length on the right and left side.
A smaller saw, like my MS260, can be sharpened in 5-10 minutes, longer bar, 15 minutes.
It's worth taking the time to learn how to do this yourself, it's not difficult at all. One thing I left out, if you have a bench vise handy, by all means, clamp the bar in it, makes everything twice as easy. If not, still not difficult at all.
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