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Originally Posted by steviesterno View Post
I am consolidating my life and gear, focusing on standard platforms and getting my life ready for whatever. I am not a hardcore, live in a bunker kind of prepper but trying to be in a better place than I've ever been and more prepared for general crap than I've ever been.

I sold myself out of the Glock platform and lets say I have $500 I could realistically spend on anything without ramification, but would like to put it towards something useful/prep related. I'm not just starting out, but as all of us do, have room to grow.

So let's assume I have the following things:
6 gas cans full of gas (nato cans, rotated)
inverter generator
6+ months emergency cash
retirement accounts
quality rifles/pistols/shotguns/associate gear
some PMs (silver, saving for my first real Gold)
DD/BOV land cruiser prado
400+ gallons water with collection in place
30+ days food (live in suburbs, can't plant/grow)
gym membership since I'm learning fitness is super important
medical training and supplies.
22s, suppressor, truck guns, safe depost box with emergency back up paperwork and crap
pistol reloading set up and 5k+ rounds of supplies

so with that, what would you all suggest I focus on or start thinking about? I DON'T have:
night vision
centerfire suppressor
ton of space

Could always use:
more ammo?
gun stuff?
optics stuff?
If that's all you have, forget it, you're F&%[email protected]
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