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Originally Posted by quasimodo View Post
I have kind of a dumb question, is there a way to make a portable generator more quiet?

seems like the noise could make you a target.
A little late to this game but: solar power. If you can keep your equipment sheltered from EMP: https://www.instructables.com/id/Amm...r-Power-Supply

Look up the book One Second Later (if you want to start losing sleep contemplating this topic):

After reading this and his follow up book One Year Later, it becomes self evident that in the event of a serious power grid disruption lasting more than a few months, especially focusing on the disruption of distributing medicine, our pre-programmed DNA kicks in and a whole bunch of us are taking that glorious last ride.

The best solution is to prevent the EMP from happening in the first place, or have a defense against it. I wonder if congress actually thinks about these things. At least here in the Great Nation-State our power grid isnít dependent upon the national grids but that provides me little comfort!
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