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I would think anything in a can will hold up pretty well...They do expire though, I rotate my food cache every 3 years I let the can's go a few months after they expire, it is a discipline (or re-frame and call it a "hobby", makes it more fun ;-))...You can also use the can's week by week and replace them as you go, especially if money is an issue. I found that to be a problem keeping track of everything every week, so I spend a few months on it every few years.

Start by deciding how many day's you want to plan for. It would be nice to have more but of course we have different constraints. I store for 2 months eating "well". This should be enough for any really bad natural disaster.

The biggest challenge is fresh water. It takes up a lot of space and is heavy. This is why I rather have can food than dry food (although I have both types), dry food generally takes more water to reconstitute. But everything is a trade-off as dried is lighter, last's longer, etc.

There are a bunch of companies that specialize in this sort of thing, and even sell stuff which will last 20 years, I use their dried beef and things like that.
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