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non-climate controlled food storage options?

I have slowly but surely gotten the wife on board with a bit more prepping stuff. She agrees we need more food on hand, and I think #10 cans would be a good way to go about it. However, we have a full house. It's older so few closets. Slab so no basement/crawl space. We have 2 little kids so as you can imagine, their **** is everywhere.

So I have options with sheds, the garage, and the attic. The problem is we live in DFW and my storage areas are not climate controlled. Summer will see 90+ days where it never gets below 80* and gets into 110 occasionally. The attic will get way hotter than that.

I'm curious if there are things I can store that are going to be OK with this kind of high temperature. I know that it will limit time length of storage, but all I'm able to keep outside the freezer currently is 2 months worth of freeze dried emergency stuff. I would rather "real" food if at all possible. I have water storage and a rain barrel system that cycles water so I'm not overly worried about that currently.

Suggestions? A Climate controlled storage unit would be prohibitively expensive. Now that I have a 3 year old and 4 month old I don't think bugging out is even close to a viable option unless the house burns down.

I did just get approval to move some stuff out of the pantry into the garage, so i have freed up a little room but could always use more.
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