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Originally Posted by Mpanova View Post
The bushings on the Taurus frame sit back toward the rear of the gun about 1/16th-1/8th inch leaving more frame showing if you use standard grips, check out the examples on raasco grips website
This is not the case. If it were, the grip might cover the mainspring housing pin. My picture is a little fuzzy but looking at the pistol just now I can see that the relief is centered around the pin as it should be. Rather, Taurus for some reason does not wrap the curvature of the front strap around like the Colt/mil-standard, so a little more flat appears on the front side of the grips. It really is a very minor thing (I don't have large hands and I don't notice it) so don't hold back on the grips you want - they'll fit. You'll just need standard size screw heads to go with standard grips. Why do they use larger diameter screw heads? The same reason Colt does on the M45A1; a larger screw head exerts more force on the grip to resist shooting loose. Seems logical but I haven't really tested it. Here's a better view. Also, if the grip were shifted back which would be the result of shifted bushings, the grip would interfere with the thumb safety.

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