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Patterning my KSG with Federal Law Enforcement #1 Buck

I finally found an indoor range nearby that would let me shoot my KSG with buckshot. All the other ranges only allow slugs with shotguns. Anyway, it finally gave me a chance to pattern my KSG with my chosen load, the now discontinued Federal Law Enforcement Tactical Low Recoil #1 Buck. I think it's perfect for terminal ballistics against bad guys, penetration control, and recoil control. I also got a chance to sight my red dot out to 25 yards, so now it's great between 15 feet and 25 yards.

Photos below show the gun, the box end of the ammo, and then the patterning between 5 yards and 25 yards. I ended up doing two patterns at 15 yards, which was interesting because of the vastly different results. Overall, I'm very pleased.
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KSG Full 1.jpg   Ammo box.jpg   5 yards.jpg   10 yards.jpg   15 yards v1.jpg   15 yards v2.jpg  

20 yards.jpg   25 yards.jpg  
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