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Just a 2 cents worth opinion. This past weekend at a local gun shops big summer bash, I got to send a number of rounds downrange with a Koenig/Ruger 9mm 1911. Damn what a nice gun! It was a demo model so it had been used a bit I would guess, (and that makes it even better) but the trigger was sublime. Light and crisp. The parts felt tight and super smooth in operation. Absolute accuracy was hard to determine as it was a demo day kind of scenario with a lot of people around, but I felt it easily went where I wanted. I am absolutely no expert, but in a quick look and shoot, I can't imagine it could have worked or shot any better. On that very quick analysis, I couldn't tell what you could possibly improve on no matter how much you wanted to spend. Of course, ultimate length of service was impossible to comprehend from that short look. I have always appreciated Rugers for what they are. Good working mans guns at a good price, without the expensive fancy final finishing. All of my Ruger products work reliably and are more accurate than I am. This Custom Shop edition felt like a whole different level of refinement.. I say, go Ruger!
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