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Tisas Hi Power safety replacement

My one fault with the SS Tisas HP was the safety. The little lever was VERY hard to engage and disengage.

Initially I bought the ambi safety from Gunparts in my home town (Hurley) upstate N.Y. and it does not use a pin to hold the right lever in, instead the right lever has a banana shaped "extension" on it that goes under the right grip to keep it from falling off. I sent it back and the Midway model with the pin securing the right lever at the same price as the Gunparts safety is a (IMO) better choice.

The video from BH helped a bit, but their filming a dark gun on a dark background with poor lighting could have been better. I wish I had their third hand tool but a Vise grip with padded jaws to hold the hammer cocked while reassembling did the trick.

While I was at it, I took a few seconds to polish the sear, and after a couple of reassembly backtracks the Browning ambi from Midway is in.

I've never disassembled a HP before but I'm happy I got the new safety in. What a difference.
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