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Originally Posted by b-b View Post
OP here with an update.

I emailed Sig on Dec 4th explaining the problem and included every number I could find on the ammo box. They emailed me back on Dec 6th and offered to send me a new box. No response as to why I might be having an issue (I guess I wouldn't really expect one) but excellent customer service nonetheless.

Anyway, I will post the result once I receive the new box.
Wise choice to contact them, and good response by them to rectify your concerns. Most makers of ammo, when a problem arises, will take care of the customer and research the lot #(s) of the ammo that issues are reported to them and see if they can find a problem with the lot/batch to determine if they need to issue a recall on it, or handle it on a case-by-case basis. If they find a prevalent or increased number of reports on a particular lot/batch or series of lots/batches, they almost always issue a recall, especially if it is a safety issue.
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