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Problem with Sig 9mm ammo

I originally posted this in the Dan Wesson section. Probably should have started in this section.

Upon receiving my 9mm DW Valkyrie Commander I ran 200 rounds of 115 grain Sig Elite Performance FMJ ammo thru it. It ran well and I was impressed with how clean it was.

Since then I have been using 115 grain Winchester White Box FMJ. 3500 rounds with nary a problem. I know, I know - junk ammo but this gun just eats the stuff up. No issues with 124 grain Federal HST either.

Today I decided to try the Sig 115 grain Elite Performance again. The first round fired but the case got stuck tight in the chamber. Could not get the case out with a wooden dowl at the range so came home, field stripped, forced the case out with a brass rod and hammer then cleaned the barrel. Checked extractor tension - ok. Then did the plunk test. The Winchester White Box and Federal HST slid right in with a satisfying "plunk". The Sig round (tried several) would only go in 3/4 of the way before getting stuck.

I have shot "inexpensive" brass cased factory 230 grain FMJ ball out of my .45 1911's for 25 years. Many different brands. Never experienced this problem. Only started shooting a 9mm 1911 two years ago.

Any thoughts? Bad batch?
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