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Originally Posted by Nitro.45 View Post
No one said “packed in grease”.
The factory lube that weapons are shipped with is not the optimal lubricant to have in the crevices of a new weapon when firing. Metal particles, polishing rouge and the like are all over the place. Since you unpack that many weapons, you probably have tunnel vision. I doubt that you do anything more than rack the slide and check the barrrel for obstructions. In almost every case of a new weapon that I have taken possession of, the internals are filthy, and yes, they have a heavier weight of lube than standard gun oil.
There is a reason that the manuals shipped with the weapon caution you to clean the gun thoroughly before firing. “Caked” may have been a bad word to use in my earlier statement, but crud, glop and crap are accurate. Those descriptors are not present after the weapon has been properly cleaned. Aside from cheap ammo, not cleaning a new weapon is the number one reason I have seen for failures. Usually screwing up slide function.
You used the words "factory grease", ergo the implication "packed in grease".

No one uses grease any more. No one. "Crud, Glop, crap"?......Never seen it.....not in unboxing and inspecting literally thousands of guns.

OTOH.....you may be right as we don't carry HiPoint, Taurus or any other bargain basement POS guns.
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