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Originally Posted by Nitro.45 View Post
Speaking of crud, it never ceases to amaze me when folks bring a brand new gun to the range, complete with all the factory grease intact. They load it up and the failures begin. I always have my cleaning gear with me and occasionally Iíll help them out if they are receptive. Itís nice to get a ďGee, thanks misterĒ every now and then. Whatís not nice is the caked on crud that has to be removed, especially if they are using really dirty ammo. The byproduct is that I get to teach them the correct way to clean and care for their weapon. Clearly, their dad didnít take the time. Some have no idea and donít even own a cleaning kit!
Caked on crud??? On a new gun??? I call BS......unless it's some POS Eastern Bloc war relic.

I unpack more new guns in a week than most folks will ever see in a lifetime. Been doing so for the last 5 years. In those 5 years, I have never....not once.....have I seen a gun packed in grease. It simply doesn't happen. It may have in the distant past.....but it doesn't happen today. 100% of every new gun I've unpacked....and it's literally thousands of every brand imaginable....is coated with a light oil.
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