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Originally Posted by DubfromGa View Post
That's cool that you ruled things out.

My father has a 3" Kimber that I've shot before and was very, very impressed with how well it ran for me. Gun handled great and accuracy was much to my liking. I'm a fan of .45 1911 in all sizes and didn't find it to be overly snappy. Hoping to shoot it again during some range sessions with him later this month.

I've had some dirty guns create some issues.

I remember when I was breaking in this gun in accordance with the instructions that LB said to follow.

Even with frequent wipe downs and reapplying the recommended CLP it was filled with crud once I finally field stripped it.

Ran much smoother after that, too.

Clean & well-lubed gun is a happy gun, right ?

I'm gonna go back and read through your initial thread. I know that I'm going to run into all sorts of problems once I get my gear up and running.....good to see the advice given on some of these threads.

This is a great place to learn. Very grateful for the membership here.
I too love 1911's in all sizes. And this Ultra had some teething problems, but it's all sorted now and is a real pleasure to shoot.

And reloading for it allows me to tailor loads to my liking, and my gf's.

Kimber Ultra CSE 45acp
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