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Originally Posted by Grandpas50AE View Post
A wise strategy and process, especially when starting out, but with time it becomes apparent that it is also a wise strategy for experienced reloaders as well - you never know when a particular component or change in process will start to induce problems. I have notes for each specific load cataloged back to the mid 70's, and a separate book for my favorite "established" loads that are the ones that have given me the best performance for the task required: target, hunting, etc. This "established" load notebook has entries for each caliber/cartridge I have ever loaded for, both rifle and handgun. I still refer to it fairly often.
I also have a few "established" loads written down and easily accessed, along with notes on feel, performance, etc....

And Nitro, I thought I had mentioned in the original thread about the gun being dirty, although I may not have been clear.

Off topic: This has been a great place for learning and gathering information, not just about reloading. Thanks to everyone here for a great site!

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