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Originally Posted by ballman6711 View Post
Thanks RR, I still don't know why my reloads turned my gun into a single shot 45acp, but can only guess that it was due to my "torture testing".

I will say that all my reloads have fired on the first pull of the trigger, but I'm still new at this and only have about 1600 or so documented rounds. And I have kept records of every round since I started, so I can go back and see what I've done and what worked and what didn't.

A wise strategy and process, especially when starting out, but with time it becomes apparent that it is also a wise strategy for experienced reloaders as well - you never know when a particular component or change in process will start to induce problems. I have notes for each specific load cataloged back to the mid 70's, and a separate book for my favorite "established" loads that are the ones that have given me the best performance for the task required: target, hunting, etc. This "established" load notebook has entries for each caliber/cartridge I have ever loaded for, both rifle and handgun. I still refer to it fairly often.
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