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Good News and Bummer......Fusion Conversion

Awhile back I ordered a Fusion Scout in .38 Super from Fusion. Bob Serva was most helpful and professional in dealing with my order. The gun was done in a timely manner and it turned out very well. I am very pleased with it.

I then got the bright idea to get more bang for my buck and decided to have my own smith (local 1911 smith) fit a Kart Precision Wilson/Nowlin 9mm barrel. He does some nice work and that work usually results in a very accurate gun. At first he was not sure he could get the barrel in right away. He did some checking, found out they were currently available and ordered one in. Yeah.

But, he is currently so backed up he won't even get to think about starting on the work for another month or more. I know that is a short time frame for many of those doing or having 1911 work done but it is a bit longer than he usually is tied up. Also, I am a touch eager to have the 9mm barrel in place and that gun in hand to start testing out.

Edit: I forgot to mention, but it is probably already known by you all to factor in here, that he will also custom fit a barrel bushing (does that very well) to really give me a good accurate gun in hand with that new 9mm barrel in place.

More when she is done and running.

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