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The rest of the story:

I wrote off the box of Sig ammo (see post #8) and gave it to one of the employees at my range who has not yet run it through his gun. Running low on WWB I ordered a 1000 rounds of 115 grain Magtech FMJ. It too would not pass the "plunk" test. Hmm I thought, Nitro is right - something's amiss.

Grabbed a round of the WWB, HST and Magtech and headed to the LGS on a Sunday. They busted out the caliper and the WWB & HST had the same diameter and case length. The Magtech was slightly greater in diameter but had the same case length as the WWB and HST. (Sorry, don't remember the numbers.)

Emailed Dan Wesson Sunday night and got a reply Monday morning stating to send the barrel back. Shipped it off Priority Mail on Tuesday the 7th and received it back Thursday the 16th with a note saying the chamber was reamed and honed and the hood was polished.

Result: no more "plunk funk". All rounds are chambering nicely and I expect no problems but will update after my next range session if there are.

Thanks for everyone's input.
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