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USPSA match with 45 shooters.....

You seem really hung up on the term short barreled rifle. I am not sure why.
A PCC is a short barreled rifle using a pistol round. By definition, a rifle is a shoulder mounted weapon...…

In the USPSA match described by Tom Freeman, out of 45 competitors, 12 were shooting PCC's....so over 25% of the shooters were using shoulder fired weapons.

I believe there is a place for using a PCC, but not at a pistol match....IDPA and USPSA were originally conceived as a pistol match....not a short barreled rifle match..... Shooting a handgun with speed and accuracy has always been my goal in IDPA and USPSA.....not a short barreled rifle with 30+ round mags that is a shoulder mounted weapon.....

I like Ligget's idea to make PCC users at an IDPA Match limited to 10 rounds and start with a trench coat for concealment, but with a loaded gun without a round in the chamber, their start position is with hands relaxed at their sides, and not allow suppressors.....

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