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Definition: hangfire!

Originally Posted by wproct View Post
Wow! That is unusual, must have been a bad lot.
"Hang fire refers to an unexpected delay between the triggering of a firearm and the ignition of the propellant. This failure was common in firearm actions that relied on open primer pans, due to the poor or inconsistent quality of the powder. Modern firearms are susceptible also. The delay is usually too brief to be noticed, but can be several seconds. A hangfire should be suspected whenever a firearm fails to fire, but has not clearly malfunctioned."

"Hang fires" are extremely rare in todays firearms and modern ammunition.

"Failure to fire" is something entirely different. Usually a mechanical failure or poor quality ammo. Promotional .22 ammo is prone to FTF's due to poor quality control. The primer compound does not go the full circumference of the rim or is missing entirely. Sometime a .22 FTF will fire if rotated slightly.

I've been using CCI SV almost exclusively as far back as I can remember I've been shooting Gallery Bulls-eye, at least 30 years! The only issues I've had were attributed to dirty gun! (Probably 500 rounds between cleaning!)

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