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I'm an older guy here, first got really interested in handguns in around 1964 at the age of 19. The Smith & Wesson 41 soon become my dream handgun and got my first one in the late 70's. I have owned 3 different 41's over the years since then. I have also owned Rugers, Brownings, High Standards and various others as well. There's just something special about the model 41, nice balance, perfect crisp trigger, great sights, and the pride of ownership thing. I shoot primarily CCI standard velocity ammo but I have a buffer for mine and I also shoot Federal high velocity at times as well. One of the pistols that you say you are considering is the Volquartsen Scorpion, so the price of the model 41 shouldn't spook you. I don't think you would ever regret buying one.
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