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Originally Posted by DarkLord View Post
If you understand the M41 is a target revolver intended for accuracy over all else...And understand that you'll have to find a few loads that work well and shoot well; then you'll be VERY happy with it.
While I am open minded enough to let my M41 self identify anyway it wants to we had to have a talk when it wanted to be a 32ACP.

"Let's open the slide and look at our bolt face. See, you're a rimfire. You need to shop in the rimfire aisle for ammo and compete in the 22 competitions. Unless you have drastic altering surgery you won't ever be a 32ACP and compete in Center Fire."

We're seeing a therapist. I wouldn't know how to explain to my M41 if it thought it should be double action and single action. If would be weird if it openly admitted to wanting a cylinder hand and a cylinder stop.
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