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They've been around since 1957ish! S&W started working on the prototype around 1949ish. Here we are 70 years later!

Like the external extractor S&W is still perfecting it! (Sarcasm!)

I have way too many .22 precision pistols. 2 are M41's #1 is a 1962 vintage with the "cocking indicator", please notice I did not say loaded chamber indicator! This model has been used almost weekly for Gallery Bulls-eye. I still shoots perfect and looks like it was made yesterday!

#2 is from 1984 and has vey few rounds through it. There are a few minor changes but still a "shooter"!

The good news is they can still be serviced by S&W and barrels are still being made. I have a new one from current production that required a little fitting to lock perfectly.

Magazines are readily available and like Hi-Standard's may require a little adjustment from time to time "easy-peasy".

Both are retired currently and my "go-to" Gallery Bulls-eye gun is a Nelson Conversion on a dedicated Fusion receiver.

As in all things ".22" your gun may be a little finicky about ammo. I use CCI SV almost exclusively in all mine! Your gun will tell you what it likes!

Respect your .22s and use a snap cap if dry firing. You'll thank me later!

All the best in 2020 shoot more, clean less,
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