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I've have two S&W 41s. One of the Performance Center versions and one with 7 inch slide. Although I could have just purchased a 7 inch slide after getting the Performance Center version with the rail I decided it better to put that money towards another gun because it was after all about a third of the cost of a gun.

I haven't had them long and I only have fired my 7 inch version once. My experience with the Performance Center version has been good with CCI Standard Velocity and my experience with my one and only range session with my 7 inch version not so good.

If were you I would check out Rim Fire Central and get even more feedback. What I have seen in general is most have good experiences but there are some who have not.

Getting parts and such has been easy. Extra slides can be harder if looking for S&W slides. I think they might only make them at certain times of the year and those can be hard to come by if you are looking at the wrong time. However if you wait they will become available. However there is one company (Clark?) that makes a few versions and that is another option.

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