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I've been using the yearly recurring payment option for my Supporter donation.

It was due and auto paid on the 9th. Same account as in years past. It's not showing up here as of yet.

Concerning PM's; One of the advantages of being a Supporter is increased PM space, some of us use it, and wish we had more

When a glitch prevents our Supporter status being applied, we are then over the PM limit provided by regular membership. At that point, we cannot receive or reply to Admin to resolve the issue without deleting PM's. I would have to delete over 100 to get below the regular membership limit.

Not the end of the world I suppose, but not my first choice either, as the glitch is not on my end, and there is nothing I can do to fix it.

As a suggestion, if there is a way to allow PM between Membership and Admin without regard to PM space, that would be a great button to push.

Or, for the duration of this problem, perhaps we could just turn off the PM space limit.

You are welcome to E-mail if you wish. Let me know here if I need to create PM space. Thanks.
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