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Originally Posted by HT77 View Post
Yup. Only the rich and privileged who have connections or lots of money to grease the skids. Still the purpose of stop and frisk was not to disarm blacks and Hispanics but get the criminal element off the street and keep them off balance. I understand the concerns about the program but it was effective and vastly improved the city and Bloomberg didn't start it but he was smart to keep it.
If I remember correctly, the courts made several rulings that the policy was unconstitutional. One of the rulings was a technique and technology that the NYPD was using. They were using a very advance FLIR camera that could see through clothing. Guns could be seen as being ever slightly cooler than the surrounding body. I actually tried it with my FLIR and with my cheap low resolution $400 device I was able to marginally see a gun under my shirt... but only soon after putting the gun on. As the gun warms with body temperature, there is little temperature difference between the clothing and the gun. But with the more advanced systems, the ones that use thermal internal cooling, they can detect the slightest temperature differences and have software to enhance the image. Kinda scary if you ask me.

The courts I believe said that the FLIR was an outrageous intrusion of privacy because it cast a wide net against anyone without probable cause of any crime in progress and was just outright invasive. They needed a warrant to use a FLIR to detect weapons, which would be impossible to get in the manner it was being deployed.

The courts also ruled that the stop and frisk itself was unconstitutional. Period. But the fact is, very few people had a carry permit in NYC. Perhaps a few high end jewelers, diamond brokers or Wall Street brokers in $4000 Hugo Boss business suits or dressed in Hasidim attire (many whom are diamond traders). NYC PD would never dare to stop and frisk those people. It would beg for a law suit if they did. But they did target people in jeans, sneakers, hoodies and with tattoos, Hispanics and Blacks mainly... people they profiled as possible drug dealers or gang members.

Oh and yes it did work. NYPD pretty much knew who was likely to be involved in crime but it involved profiling something that the Black community hates.

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