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Well I did not buy the Nightstar. I went over to our general store but I took at P365xl with thumb safety's home for a very good price . Cleaned it up lubed & ready to run when my wife came home from the grocery store . I grabbed 200 rounds of different velocity loads from slow 1000fps 124gr home rolled ammo to underwood 124gr gd +P and 147gr hst . I grabbed the uplula to help load mags and went out back to the range . As fast as I could load mags my wife shoot them up finished with two slower fired 1.25 groups at 10 yards . She has never fired 200 rounds so quickly , ever . I did get to shoot a couple mags of ammo threw it and it is a nice smaller optic ready pistol and it fits my wifes stealthgear ventcore mini 1911 holster like it was made for it . I got MY 1.5 years old Kimber ultra 9mm back and I rather have it than a 5" 45 that I would not carry at this time and I have 25 less dollars invested ! Besides I have a LW WC commander 45 that I carry some . If anyone here is near Burnsville NC and has a NC concealed handgun license come get the Nightstar .
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