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Originally Posted by DasCowboy View Post
Not sure what's the story, but googling Any variation of Para, para ordnance they all lead back to Para for life...You still can buy them, order them. I don't know about the Remington deal. I do know they have an active sponsorship for matches.
It goes back to that site because there is no more Para Ord. It's an old page that's no longer maintained (it will probably drop out when the site rental is over).

Referring back to my post, you can still get them NOS (new old stock) from dealers, but nothing new is being made under the Para logo.

Remington's parent group (Freedom Group) purchased ParaOrd and pistols of the new Remington double stack line are in fact Para Limited versions.

There is no more ParaOrd sponsorship of matches, not sure where you heard that. Hell, even Travis Thomasie (their premier shooter, spokesman, and all around great guy) now shoots for Remington.
Mike Russell
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