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Originally Posted by Plantar5 View Post
Most of the generators are made in China regardless of the make...for an apartment, 5500 should be enough but mine is a 10k. Get one with electric start, makes life easier.
Chainsaw, stihl has good saws, grab an extra blade or 2.
Power outages suk, we had 2-3 here that lasted 1 week.
Hope you get back up and running soon.

Almost forgot: Get extra gas cans, Iíve got 5-6....generators are worthless without gas.... And getting gas is tough when areas go down.
^^Good advice right here^^

Gas cans for sure! When the power is out the gas pumps stop working!

I recommend buying a generator that has greater output than you think is your minimum. Running any piece of equipment at or near its limits is never a good idea; having a little more capacity allows us to work our machines with less stress over the long haul.

Another suggestion is using deep cycle batteries for back-up power. I started some years ago with a 100AH 12V deep cycle battery, 800W power inverter 12VDC-to-120VAC, 50W PV solar panel with 12V charge controller, all mounted on a hand cart for easy storage and moving around. Used that for camping for years, running LED lights, powering cell phones, running the Mr. Coffee machine, etc. Few years ago the power went out during a Super Bowl game while I was at my club. I ran home, brought my cart there, fired up the TV and cable box for several hours (making me the most popular guy in the club, never had to buy a beer for weeks!).

Later on I purchased a camp trailer with two 12V deep cycles on board, 2000W power inverter, so I added my existing set-up and 200W capacity of PV solar panels. That ran the blower on my forced air furnace, stereo, lights, coffee maker, etc, all I wanted and a few hours of sunlight returned me batteries to full charge (or just fire up my truck and recharge via the wiring harness plugged into the truck, takes about 30 minutes or so when the sun isn't working so well).

Now with the camper parked next to my house I can run good 10-ga. extension cord into the house and take care of emergency lighting, furnace blower, and other necessities. Works well for overnight, then solar charging next morning if needed, or plug into my truck and recharge rapidly.

I have not used my generator for several years other than test runs twice per year.
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