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Originally Posted by scubadad View Post
Some questions for the OP. You said you live in an apartment. 1st 2nd or 3rd floor? Running a generator on a 2nd floor balcony will sound like a freight train.

Do you have a way to secure the generator so it does not walk away? After hurricane charley many were stolen right out of peoples driveways.

Have you thought about the noise? You may be buttoned up in your room with a window unit while your neighbors are sweating to death with the windows open listening to your generator.

Without knowing the layout of your residence these were just a few things that came to mind.

Now back to your original question. Predator from HF and Stihl .

Always buy the most wattage you can afford.
Honda was recommended for the EFI and quiet operation as it WILL be on my balcony. But, truth-be-told, I don't give a rats ass about my neighbors...most are dope-smoking monkeys that stink up my apartment with their skunk weed coming through the ventilation system, and wake my ass up with their hibbity-jibbity music booming out their "whips" as they drive through the lot. Fu*k em. As soon as my lease is up I'm moving to Ft Worth.

I have an attached 2-car garage for gas/generator storage.

I just want to be able to run an AC window/portable unit, an oscillating fan and some lights.

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