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I just picked up a lightly used Champion 9000, Dual Fuel. I think that it can run my roof mount dual pack A/C, and probably a couple of other things.
I got an identical generator for my son. Which means I can get my little Champion 4000 back.
The current plan, subject to change based on actual experience, is that the little one will run the Keurig coffee maker, frig, freezer, and cellphone charger in the morning. It uses much less fuel.
The big generator will get run in the afternoon to handle the A/C, and other things.
Unfortunately, I can't hook into the house wiring, due to my Sylvania Zinisco circuit breaker box. Which is considered a fire hazard. So, as soon as I can change that, I can use the house wiring rather than drop cords/extension cords.
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