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My first, and so far only, generator was a small Champion 3500/4000. Put in about a half tank of gas with Stabil, ran it and put it away. Once, to twice, a year, I would haul it out, run it for about 5 minutes, then turn off the fuel valve and let it run dry. Thing ran like a top, even with the original fuel. I ended up giving it to my son when his power went out for 4 days.
So, now I am in the market for another one. I'm probably going to go up in size. I have a dual pack A/C, and a cooler. So, I can pick or choose what I can use for cooling. The A/C needs about 7000 watts, while the cooler would need much less. However, the heater part of the A/C dual pack wouldn't draw much power so I may have to use that during cold spells.
PG&E has put the word out that in bad weather conditions, they will be depowering their transmission lines, to prevent fires. Some towns have been told that they may be out of power for up to 5 days. While I don't think that would happen here, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
So, I am looking for something to handle the TV, fridge, chest freezer(probably needs to be only run for a short time once a day), cooler/dual pack. A 7000 would probably suffice, but still working that out.
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