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We used a Honda 3000 watt for Katrina (10 days) and Gustof (11 days) straight. Only shutting down for an oil change about half way through.
If you have any thought of powering any electronics, get something with the inverter.
Portable is a tough line to draw, I don’t think I would go any smaller wattage than what I have, 2 guys can carry mine but not far. Look at what you “need” to power and what you would “like” to power; pick something in between.
As for a chainsaw, you can’t go wrong with Stihl. Get something 1 size bigger than you think you will ever need. The longer the bar, the more cutter teeth, the longer the time between sharpening. There is no substitute for power,
A 9mm might expand but a .45 will never shrink!
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