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Originally Posted by RGVshooter View Post
What reviews have you seen that gave the R1 a bad score? If you look online at the forums such as this one or others you'll more times than not see extremely biased opinions, both pro & con. Instead of "listening" to random comments on a online forum and basing your decision just on that, go to your LGS and pick up a Remington R1, look it over, work the action, inspect it closely and come to your own conclusion. Pick up other 1911's, and check them out the same way. Compare them to the R1. That is the only fair way of judging.

All I can say is I bought my standard R1 several months ago and other than for the first couple hundred rounds "break in", it functioned flawlessly. At this moment, Remington is offering a $75 rebate, and IMO for the money you cannot go wrong on a mil-spec entry level 1911 .45. The only downfall I can think of regarding the R1 is although it comes with decent 3 dot sights, you're limited with aftermarket sights because the dovetail cuts are not novak cuts. They're GI dovetail cuts.
As stated before, the ones I found were from a few years back which is why I’m not just putting it out of the fight. I would go to my LGS and try it out, but in my area this gun isn’t as popular. They like to keep the more expensive ones on the shelves like Colt, Kimber, Springfield, etc. Something like the R1, when you ask, they either have to order it or look to see if another store has it. So it’s not like I’m basing my decision completely off of comments, I just don’t have access to see for myself that maybe you do. My prior 2 purchases I did exactly that. I was able to go in and feel the gun and look for imperfections. I did still look for reviews but that was just to check for any catastrophic failures or major reliability issues people were having which is essentially what I’m doing here
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