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Originally Posted by Sgt. Y View Post
The last box of Federal anything was some 22lr for my wife and it was crap had so many squibs I was afraid the lead was stuck in the barrel.

For practice shooting I use PMC Bronze .223 burns cleaner good quality brass and never had a bad round in all I have shot of it.

For my AR I bought a Toms Tactical BCG, very good quality they specialize in them, the bolts are shot peened and magnafluxed. Always best to source your parts from quality. My neighbor bought a Spikes upper despite my objections and that thing is junk. He has had it to my house a dozen times because parts were flying apart inside, starting with the forward assist to the bcg. All this Obama era parts and assemblies and the run on ammo decreased the quality all around.
My shooting buddy shoots PMC bronze in his ruger SR762 and was not recovering his brass. I picked it up to reload for practice rounds for my AR 10. at least 5 in 10 had the primers blow out because the case web was so soft the heads deformed, I asked him if he had any issues with it and he said he was getting a few FTEs but nothing serious. now I just leave PMC brass laying on the ground like wolf steel cases. the PMC ,223/5.56 cases I cut down to 300 BO were a huge waste of time I stick with lake City in both 5.56 and 7.62. I have never had any issue any Lake City brass. I have never tried PMC in handguns, maybe that's better.
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