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Originally Posted by cw410 View Post
Easily scratched is the most common thing people bitch about when it comes to the gen 4 “chalkboard” glocks. They certainly do scratch easier than the frying pan ones but most of those scratches rub right off without even using any oil. I don’t know if people realize that. I carried a chalkboard g19 daily for 3 years and admittedly dropped it once or twice on concrete. The only permanent scratches it has are on the top right corner of the rear of the slide. I have yet to see rust on a chalkboard Glock, can’t say the same for the FPs.

On the other hand, yep that frying pan finish is slick. That YouTube gun dork that likes to dunk guns in bins of mud and other crap was whining about that on the APX.

We all do like to nitpick, nothing will ever be perfect.
Don't mind the scratches but I agree with the YouTube guy you are talking about, though I don't know who that is, in that despite the fugly nubs the APX is relatively hard to rack when wet or oiled, the slide stop works just fine for reloads and is nice and large for easy use. So it's fine by me. The extra wide slide from the serrations is what bugs me, if the APX had kept the slide narrow as a Glock 19 (mine is nearly as wide as a Glock 21) id like mine a bit more. Still a very good gun though (and a crazy deal at the $350 they go for now!).

The bad thing about it is that it's really slick, especially when there's a film of oil on it. The cocking serrations on a Glock slide are already too shallow, meaning my G19 can be hard to rack sometimes.
The Gen 5 finish is very tough but slicker than snot, glad I got a MOS because they really need those front serrations even on a standard overhand if it's wet or oiled.

Too bad they didn't stick with the 19x finish, just as durable and tacky even when wet or oiled, easily my favorite Glock finish, possibly my favorite finish period, if not my favorite color.
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