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Originally Posted by Lman57 View Post
Well, I picked up my 1911 this morning I had to wait in a line outside for some time things are crazy the Gunshop was sold out only open for Firearm pickup. Where can I post a few Pictures is there a gallery are or should I post them here?


Excellent! I picked my up just a few days later! Iím VERY pleased with this firearm. It looks great... even better in person! I ordered a second matching black Act mag from Advanced Tactical and then ordered 4 new shiny nickel Act mags from Greg Cote LLC. They all work great!
On a side note... even though I have used KimPro stainless steel 7 rd mags for years in my Compact size MilSpec RIA, I found out the hard way that the KimPro 8rd mags for Full size 1911ís will NOT function in my new stainless Full size Rock Tactical! I had to return a couple of them because you could not insert them fully loaded. If you locked the slide back you could, but you could not rack the slide and then top off the mag and re-insert the mag giving you the 8+1 in the chamber as the pistol was designed to do. My compact works perfectly with the 7+1 KimPro mags that I bought about 5 years ago, so I didnít anticipate the issue at all. Anyways, the ACT mags are great so allís well that ends well. Live and learn!
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