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SD Ammo Comparison

Took a great nap today, so I will be up late tonight.....

Decided to do a little ammo comparison to help me decide which way to go for a nightstand gun. Two requirements I have will be night sights and a rail for a flashlight. Gives me options depending on the sitchuashun.

I have a Glock 17 with the stock sights, and a rail which does have my only gun light on it. Just ordered Truglo night sights for it from Amazon. (Also ordered a nice Wheeler sight installer). So for a 9mm nightstand gun, it will be all set to go.

Thought of upgrading my nightstand to a .45ACP or 10mm accessory. My only .45 is a non-railed Rock Pro Match Ultra, for which I ordered a Meprolight front night sight to replace the FO (keeping the rear LPA adjustable sight on it).

Soooo....do I want to go railed 10mm or .45? Used Gundata's ballistics calculator to work up some numbers, with Hornady SD and Remington HTP rounds. Tossed in some bonus rounds for the fun of it.

The number after the bullet grain number is the muzzle energy. For SD I'm only concerned with about 20 feet of travel, so ME is all I need here.

.380 Auto/9mm Short
90 gr, 200.......Hornady XTP JHP

115 gr, 341.....Remington HTP JHP
115 gr, 341.....Hornady XTP JHP
124 gr, 339.....same
147 gr, 310.....same

.45 ACP
185 gr, 411.....Remington HTP JHP
185 gr, 386.....Hornady XTP JHP
200 gr, 360.....same
230 gr, 404.....American Eagle/Federal FMJ

.40 S&W
155 gr, 479.....Hornady XTP JHP

155 gr, 550.....Hornady XTP JHP
180 gr, 556.....same
200 gr, 490.....same

40 gr, 183.......CCI Velocitor

22 Short
29 gr, 32.........CCI CB Short (primer only, no powder)

When I looked at the charts, I noticed that the heavier rounds, though usually having less ME, retained their energy better than light rounds; so better for longer-range shooting like 50 or 100 yards.

I cannot recommend CB Short for your nightstand SD needs.....
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