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Originally Posted by Grandpas50AE View Post
I think it varies by state as to who "qualifies" for testing - her in the Dallas area it been a fever of 99.6, but that is being waived if you are in one of the other "risk" categories. So, a wider range of people being allowed to get the testing here. Since the general testing sites here have been medical tents set up by the Texas NG, and today was very windy, the sites were closed most of today in Dallas proper, I don't know about surrounding areas.
Since I've chosen to "hole-up" in a second home (central TX), I'm a bit removed from knowing what's going on in my primary N.Texas home area. Of concern, Dallas is being referenced with increasing frequency by mainstream media...but without any distinction between north and south of the Trinity river. I'll guess that south Dallas will be hit harder (that's usually the way bad things go), and also suffer from fewer top tier medical facilities.

You're probably and hopefully a safe enough distance from whatever happens in Dallas, whether north, south, or the entire city. The friends I have in Dallas itself are being very, very careful. So are those in my central TX area, where one of the worries was the foolhardy conduct of many college kids....most of those kids have now dispersed state-wide to their original homes, which, in one sense, might be spreading the risks.
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