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Originally Posted by scubadad View Post
I get the whole constitution arguments. No I do not want my freedoms crushed. But if a temporary ban on people leaving NYC (my home town) will save lives then maybe it should be done. And I will explain my reasons.

I live in OH and we are in a 2 week essential travel only. I manage a big box auto parts store. We have had customers come in for stupid crap like air fresheners and floor mats. Why? Is it essential that you have new floor mats?

People are stupid and don't get that social distancing is helping to stop the spread. Religious freedom is a corner stone of our country but really 200 plus people in one room. Now is not the time for this kind of congregating.

Rather than passing out masks how about we hand out some common sense. If people would stop thinking about themselves and more about the greater good then maybe the light bulb would come on and they would skip sunday service for a few weeks. Educate the people without media frenzy and conspiracy then maybe they would do the social distancing without being forced by the government.
You just made the exact argument that the anti 2A crowd has been making for decades:

If it saves one life...
People are too stupid to be trusted...
Its "common sense"...

Same argument, verbatim- just a different right being attacked
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